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Very sad but it's time to part ways with my Valentino Balboni Exhaust that I have on my 2016/17 Aventador SV.

The unit is only about a year and a half old and in excellent shape. The full setup with the catless downpipes is insane. Everyone can't help but comment on how it is one of the best-sounding cars they have ever heard. It's super lightweight, shaving I believe about 80+ pounds from the rear of the car.

Asking $17,500 USD for the Balboni titanium exhaust (Retail is over $35K USD)
Asking $2,500 for the Downpipes

I will sell either only the Balboni exhaust alone or with the downpipes. I won't sell the downpipes by themselves.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
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