I have a used clutch and throwout bearing from a 2004 Murcielago e-gear.
The clutch has some life left on it however I figure someone might be interested for a rebuild.

The throwout bearing was a 1 clutch use. Its still good and could be used how it is or send away for a rebuild. By buying the two of these and having them rebuilt you could potentially save thousands. I was going rebuild them just to have extras laying around but instead I'm selling the Murcielago.

Buyer to pay shipping. I can text photos of the parts. I would not put the clutch in a car now I believe it only has 15% left so not worth buying as a replacement, but worth buying for rebuild with Kevlar etc.

Located in Barrie, Ontario.

Asking $2500.00 USD which is half of what a throwout bearing is worth.