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Urus Performante

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For the people doing the perf, are you guys doing leather or alcantera interior?
I ordered Alcantara the first time in my live. Dealer told me the stiching with alcantara is new, also the stiching in the doors and on the roof. So I ordered Alcantara and are sure, I will get later more money back. I also ordered some new features. That's the reason I ordered the Performante. I hope I could explain well.
Sales Man told me today I need also the STO Trim on the backside from the seats.

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Yes Ferrari will be much more expensive and exclusive. Just selected customers could buy. I placed my Urus Performante order, make my configuration and will see in Germany the car in real end of September in Frankfurt. My salesman told me, we have a slot and after the preview I will make my final configuration.

In the last five years hold the Urus the price. The waiting list ist very very long. Buying is not a mistake. Nobody know when they release the new Urus Hybrid. And perhaps is this a 6-zylinder. Ferrari have done this with the Ferrari 296 GTB. So the prices for the F8 going up.
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If you want to save 25.000 Euro buy a Toyota. But don't forget, later you get more money for the car back.

The increase in value will be the Performante. Same at the Huracan line. The Performante will build just a small time period. So its limited in time. That's my opinion.
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It would be nice to know what carbon
Front and Rear bumper in carbon fiber
Bonnet air vents in carbon fiber
Rear spoiler in carbon fiber
Wheel arches in carbon fiber
upper spoiler in carbon fiber
Carbon Ceramic brakes with silver caliper
= standard
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Thank you. So the two main exterior options are the hood and roof it seams. Wonder what those go for
I know the price but are not allowed to tell. But its not really expensive in my opinion. So don't worry about.
The factory was closed. So nobody have a confirmed Performante allocation, written on a paper from the factory. I am sure SL55 will get one about his history. But 100 percent confirmed is at the time nothing.
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