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Urus Performante

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I do wonder if they have turned the fake vents into real ones for the Performante. I cannot STAND fake vents on cars!
Everytime i see mine, I think "WHY"? while falling to the ground.
Side vent is still fake. :LOL:
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I want to see it in person. First glance seems like it could go either way for me. In person, a lot of times you can fall in love.
I tried looking online for examples of other Lambo's with Verde Viper. Is this a brand new color?
Also, does anyone know with yellow is on the other launch car in the the promo?
Verde Viper is a new color, introduced with the Urus Performante.

I honestly prefer the yellow one they had.
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Urus Ibrido just started testing, which means it is at least 2 years away.

The bossman himself said that everything with a pure ice engine is being revealed this year.
So we will see this "Tecnica" looking Urus in the coming months. This is the version without any power upgrades, with air suspension, the looks and tech similar to the Performante.
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Seems like several of us are in the exact same position. We’re all buying the urus to hold us until our av replacements come in.

very conflicting right now. Was the perf the last non hybrid urus? Is that why it was launched first ? If so I do understand that. What’s strange is , like @Huracaan said is that people have allocations for the face lift and orders in. It’s just very it actually the same model as the 21 and 22s? My dealer also said the facelift and perf were coming out around the same time. I still do believe a facelift will come out.

if it’s truly 2025 year that the facelift will come out I will absolutely get the perf.I certainly miss my urus, but I don’t want to get stuck in the same one I had.One of the main reasons I sold it , was because the facelift / perf was coming out

Go look at this post.
Look at my post above, in this thread. Hybrid is a separate model that will come years later. Facelift is coming soon.
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October reveal for facelift sounds about right to me.
Sounds like another Tecnica, orders were open for a few weeks before Lambo stop accepting orders. Makes sense because the U is going hybrid in 2024 so there's not much production time to produce the S & Perf.
Well, it's just around 1.5 years between them. It's much longer wait between Tecnica/Sterrato and the Huracan replacement.
Lmao, the Huracan also went up 30 HP but the 610 can still beat the STO and Tecnica off the line. Rebadged VW products is what Lamborghini does best.
That's true, if you want the fastest Huracan in a straight line, you buy a Performante, EVO AWD or the LP610.
U hybrid spied, front end looks very Cayenne'ish and it looks like new headlights and hood.

View attachment 324899

View attachment 324900
For some reason the test mule headlights remind of this.
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Urus Performante vs other SUVs

Performante did terrible!!! WTF, it’s an embarrassment.

I really hope it was a driver making mistakes otherwise it’s just pathetic. Urus has more power and less weight than Porsche and it can’t win. It barely won heavier BMW with less HP.
As expected, Urus "Performante" couldn't keep up with the Porsche, despite having an advantage in power and weight.

Both versions should have been called just an "S". For sure dissapointing.
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But no one is going on the track with an SUV, so differences in S and Perf are not relevant. We are not comparing S vs Performante, we are comparing Urus vs. other brands.

That's just a lame excuse for "we are in a new century and still only produce ICE cars which will never be able to beat electric cars in a race on a straight line, so we just suddenly say we don't care about those numbers anymore".

0 - 60 and 1/4 mile always mattered in the past and they will always matter in the future.
Don't forget that was in relation to EVs, not ICE competition. They still care about their ICE competition from Ferrari and McLaren.

Like someone said, you ain't doing it wrong if you go for one or the other. But Urus Performante doesn't deserve it's name. It is essentially a "track package" for the S, with 2-3 exclusive parts for it. (suspension, spoiler, wheels, exhaust, which is an expensive option on the other version.)
Underneath, S and Performante are literally the same car.
what the f*ck ?

i think the perfromante is the biggest scam in Lambos history.

(and i hate this other guy with his shaky hands)

Both were in automatic mode in one race too. The Urus still pulled away lmao.

At this point there is no excuse, especially in that race. Then again we are talking about a 16hp increase and 50 kg less. In real world that means nothing.
"Fractional performance gains aren't worth the money or harsh ride" - Motor Trend.

Still, if you get one with CF hood and parts, you get one of the best looking and "rare" SSUVs.
Huh? Get what parts? The UP comes with standard exterior carbon. The only option that's restricted is the exposed carbon hood.
Thought the carbon roof was restricted as well?
Wasn't Lamborghini's CF supplier from Ukraine? They get bombed by Putin's army? Now we have shortage of CF...
You may want to hold onto the Performante looks-wise. These latest spy shots of Urus hybrid show similar headlight pattern to the Aventador replacement/Revuelto. Seems A replacement will introduce a new design language for the rest of the range.

A replacement for comparison:
Textile Sleeve Rectangle Grey Black-and-white
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4 seats for the Performante and 5 seats for the S.
This or the Urus S/Performante? Tough choice...

View attachment 326784
The only reason the pick the Ferrari is the V12. Otherwise Urus S or DBX707.
Ferrari isn't worth it's price without that V12.
What exactly is Rear Seat Entertainment in the Urus (besides your lady)?
I haven't seen any details about it.
Its these two infotainment screens?
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The Sterrato is a slightly jacked up EVO RWD with tacky plastic flares and goofy fog lights. The entire car looks like an Ali Express parts special compared to an UP with an exposed carbon hood.
Sterrato has more unique parts and some reused parts from other models (Performante, EVO AWD) compared to UP. Sterrato is automatically more distinguishable and special product.

Outside of carbon hood&roof and spoiler, good luck telling UP from an S. Besides, both of these Urus models are useless considering we are getting Urus Ibrido next year, which will be a more powerful and interesting tank.

I wouldn't worry about not getting CF hood or roof, since tuners will have that covered with same or better versions of these parts.
If the Urus is also on a 10 year cycle, there will certainly be more variants than just the upcoming Hybrid.
Perhaps a roadster or a Superleggera? Haha
Roadster would be funny, but its definitely never happening.
Superleggera is a trademarked name by another brand now, so it can't be used unless you lump out some $$$.

Remember that the Urus replacement will be fully EV and is coming after 2028.
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