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Urus Performante

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It looks like 47 kilo weight drop (103 lbs)
15 MM wider track
16 HP boost
Rides 20 MM lower than standard
38% more downforce
Special Pirelli Trofeo R Tires available
$300K Base
Only 47kg lighter and +16hp is not a whole lot. I was told 100-150kg lighter. But let's wait for the premiere in a few hours to get an official word on it.
Has anyone here ordered the regular urus with ad personam colored brakes ? if so, what was the price?
I was told by my dealer that Ad Personam wasn't an option for the Performante, any info on if this is true? I asked for blue colored brake calipers and some very minor interior color changes like on the graphite/pearl capsule.
At first glance I too thought it looked a bit too aftermarket-like for my taste, especially for an SUV, but it does it's job very well of making the hood feel shorter and more agile like a sportscar due to breaking up the color. Plus the exclusivity setting the car apart from a regular Urus does sound more exciting. I'm leaning towards getting it but without the carbon roof because I prefer the sunroof on an SUV (y)
Just attended the Urus Performante presentation at my local dealer. I was told the middle part of the upper rear wing is only available in gloss black (not carbon, only outer parts in carbon). Is this true or did they confuse it with just the spec of their first demo car?
How was it in person vs. an S or previous model year?
It looks a lot lower than it comes through on pictures. The carbon details and dark interior details also look amazing.

Interestingly I was told that everyone who orders one right now (and didn't submit a deposit and pre-contract already) will get their car at the end of 2024 / early 2025.

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I was told that the extended Performante trim on the back of the front seats (not the trim as a whole) and the Rosso Efesto door handles will cause the order to get delayed, everything else seems to be fine so far. Looking at a June/July delivery without those 2 options, otherwise September/October+
No issues with optioning cf hood?
I specifically asked about it and was told it's fine as of now.
Got an allocation confirmed without any restrictions with October delivery. The only thing that is unavailable permanently is the extended Performante trim on the interior doors, roof and seat backrests. It's removed from the configurator too.
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Nice, so no carbon restrictions?
Nothing at all surprisingly. Everything is available, except the extended Performante trim, since the new allocation came in yesterday (for my specific region/dealer at least).
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Is the extended trim confirmed to be unavailable permanently moving forward? I know its off the configurator but my SA said I can keep just would delay further given they accepted the order previously with it. I might have to take this off at this point. Normally I would not care and just grab the car without it but if you have the 4 seat configuration, it really adds a tremendous amount of detail and stitching to the back plate between the trunk. Looks uncomplete and less special without the extended trim. Almost pushes me to revert to a bench seat so it doesn't look so plain with the buckets in the back.
Not sure if it becomes available again in the future, all I know is that right now it has been removed.

I messaged my SA and here's what he responded with...

"I can accept orders with full carbon however restrictions are based on the production week/month, any car been delivered in Oct is too far out to know if they'll be restrictions"
Let's hope it stays without restrictions and doesn't change throughout the process. Restrictions could be different for each region, just communicating what I've been told.
Performante was called "superleggera" as project in the factory,but after the hybrid version I don't think they can upgrade like performance or numbers of the engine(because they must stand under Huracan successor as numbers) .They can only offer products like "Edizione limitata" until it completes the 10 year production cycle,but nothing more special than that for extra money 💰💰💰
Any idea why they didn't go with the Superleggera name instead of Performante? Saving it for a performance version of the U hybrid perhaps?
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