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Urus Pearl Capsule 2021 vs 2022

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Any updates or changes between the model years? I couldn’t find anything on if they made changes or updates to options/design and seems like they’re exactly the same.
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They are exactly the same,no new options or updates
2022s have wireless Apple car play, 2021s have wired Apple car play only.
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There is a simple update for wireless Apple car play in all Urus Model Year 2021.....And this should not be the leading factor in the purchase
What’s the update? Would love to have wireless car play in my 2021
Inquire more seriously about enabling wireless Carplay,I have friend (my region is Europe) with orange Capsule graphite MY2021 which already use wireless connection.Also if I'm not wrong there's old discussion here about Carplay models 2021
Thanks for the info. Thinking we might go pearl capsule since we cannot get an S or Performante.
In my opinion Graphite capsule is better option than S and will cost less money.Make sense to spend more money only if upgrade to Performante
For sure, we will take a look. The bold paints currently are to our liking more. But you never know.
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