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Urus LIS and data services

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After a week of ownership, I'm still finding some of the infotainment confusing. Right now I'm trying to get some of the data services working. Specifically the Online Radio. The button is always grayed out. What do I need to do to get it to enable? Thanks.

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OK, since no one seems to know that answer I'll throw out a hopefully easier one...

How do you get/display your incoming text messages on the display?
You have to put a sim card. Then the option will become available.
That I got already from you DM, thank you. Hopefully that will benefit others.

Now what about just seeing TXT messages from my phone? My phone is connected via BT, Show Notifications on the phone is On, Urus banner says Messages enabled, but still every Message related button and setting is disabled on the Urus.

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