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Urraco P250S Fuel Tank

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following an small accident with a jack I have a small leak in the fuel tank. Basically the pipe that is braised in the base has a crack in it. Its no big deal probably drips a thimble full over the course of a week. I've thought about using resin to cover it which I think is fuel resistant.

If that doesn't work has anyone taken the tank out of a Urraco, do you need to take then engine out or just shift all the suspension parts out of the way. I can see that it won't drop down but needs to be pulled towards the rear.

My biggest question is where are the bolts that hold it in place. Don't want to start yanking on the thing when there is a bolt still in place holding it in?

Any narrative or pictures much appreciated.

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Hi Tony, I did remove it once and as memory serves well you have to take of the wheel and the alu protection. Inside the car remove the seat, the panel and behind there you see the bolts with which its attached. Of course remove the hoses first.
Its not a big job.
GRS Paul.
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I would not mess around with a leaking fuel system. For removing the tanks you also have to take out the rear seats, because there is one of the 3 bolts that hold the tank in place, the other 2 can be easily reached when you remove the menitoned aluminium protecion in the wheel house
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