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Urraco Cam belt adjustment

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Per the attached picture I am a little concerned about the cam belt. You will see that the automatic adjustor is almost at its max but on the other side of the engine the belt has about 25mm of slack. I am thinking that I should slacken off the spring loaded adjustor and then move the belt over one or two teeth on the crankshaft pully if possible and then all the slack would be on the automatic adjustor side. The problem I have is that it would not appear that the spring would have enough in it to tension the belt that side. Its a new spring as well. There is a little bit of wear at the point the spring meets the adjustor.

Question is how much slack should be in the belts obviously dont want the belt jumping off the cam wheel.


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Cam Belt Tension

Just for information I'm going to answer this old post of mine, myself.

If you have your heads skimmed, as I did having had some corrosion and some cracks repaired, you will find that the cam belt is slacker and the adjustor spring will not produce the correct tension. You will need either to weld a little piece onto the face of the tensioner or as I did bolt a small piece to it. This will then produce the correct standard tension.
12 years later... but i just have the same problem here in Austria with my 1973 P250S. My P250 decided to throw almost off the timing belt. Rear cam got over two teeth... Pulled the engine yesterday and found out that the tensioner is at it's end. No more force on the tensioner :-(. Do you have any picture how that part looked like which you screwed or welded on your tensioner? Does it still work like that? Thank you in advance for your answer. All the best from Austria. Eric
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