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Update on Ford GT

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I recd this email today from Olathe Ford:

Today Ford Motor company did a private broadcast to dealers, with an update
on the Ford GT. These are my notes from the broadcast and should NOT be
taken as offical:

Partial assembly of the GT takes place at Novi, with final work including
engine at Wixom.

Ramp up has been slow, on average look for delivery about 60 days later
than originally predicted. First units will ship this week.

Each month every color is produced for several days, then they are shipped
in batches to regions of the country. The most popular colors are red (43%)
& white (21%) They are shipped in enclosed trucks.

2005 model production (concluding at the end of June) will be ~1500 world
wide with almost all in the US. 2006 production will be 12 months instead
of 10 and should have proportionally more units.

Dealers will know nothing about allocation of 2006 models before the end of
this year. No production after 2006 model year.

Avoid sustained high RPMs during first few hundred miles. No other break in.

3 year/ 36,000 mile warranty.

12 month/12,000 miles per oil change. 3/36,000 for additional maintenance.

Racing does not void warranty
If doing a lot of racing, recommend after market oil cooler
Plugs are provided to bolt racing harness.

Unique parts will be warehoused in Memphis.

Costs for maintenance and repairs will be much lower than other super cars.

Insurance costs should be lower than other super cars.

Unique parts will be available for 15 years from end of production.

Using other than recommended lube will prevent the operation of the transaxle.

550 HP
205 top speed
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Did you guys catch that?? A manufacturer that will warranty a a race car!!
Think this is a FIRST!
>> A manufacturer that will warranty a a race car!!<<

Actually I DID Catch that and was definately going to comment!!!

I can't say for sure it's a first but it's definately RARE with a Capital R and speaks highly of Fords confidence (and wallet) in supporting this Venture!!!

The specs look very strong also.

Regards, JRV
Does anyone know how much they're asking for the GT?
Last time I checked it was about 150 grand...not I WANT IT
The problem is finding at $150k. I want one as well but not over sticker.
A local Ford dealer called me and said he was getting 2 cars. He wanted 50k over. I said I would take a car at sticker, he was LOL.
forgot about that over sticker bull...I have gotten all my cars at MSRP. When there is a will there is a way
not able to get one in the near future for sticker.! maybe in 8 months to year?
Better to wait the 8 months to a year

Not only do you have a better chance of getting at MSRP, you also have history on a new model find out if they found and corrected any bugs
I want one too. I have always loved the GT-40 look and at least this rendition is streetable and more female friendly than a lot of other exotic cars.

I was told by someone at Ford SVT that Ford plans to crash test a production car vs a test mule and if all goes well (meets new bumper standards pending), they plan to continue production past 2007. Otherwise, it will be production limited.

I hope parts for it will not be restricted to GT owners only, since my Cobra R 5.4L has many of the same parts. I have not gotten wild with my R since many engine parts were one-off's and till now as expensive as Lamborgini.

Ironically, all Cobra Rs only had safety & emissions warranty only, but I don't think Ford could have gotten away with making so many cars for street use and not provide a warranty.

Happy, Happy, Joy Joy!

Now to find a way to come up with $ 150K. or wait til I can get the GT supercharger intake/intercooler to put in my R !!!
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