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UK annual meet

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Is anyone on here going to the annual UK meet this weekend at South Lodge
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Yes, but I didn't see your post until after the event. Don't know if you went, but about 30 cars turned up - all models. I think the only model that wasn't there was a Muira.

Had Murcielegos, Gallardos, all sorts of Diablos (SE30, SV, GT, Roadster etc), Urracos, Countachs, a Silhouette - it was brilliant.

May have a few photos somewhere if anyone is interested.
Oh photos, yes please!
I've posted a couple of photos, but they are over in the Gallery section.
I cant believe i missed this thread! It would have been great to meet up with some more UK cars. Maybe next time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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