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TX2K23 is here!

We are in the final stages of prepping for our biggest event of the year, TX2K!

This year we are super excited to bring 3 TT V10 cars this year to compete in the roll racing and drag racing classes.

TX2K gets increasingly more competitive every year and even qualifying in the slowest roll racing class has required an immense amount of power.

So.. Immense power is just what we are bringing!

The first car I want to highlight is our customer/friend Kevin and his C1400+ STO that we recently did a turbo upgrade on for the built drivetrain that will be getting installed later this year.

After winning numerous events (TRC Street Kings/Street Car Takeover/ Etc.) with the current precision 6466 turbos that were on the car, we stepped up to the precision 7675 turbos from our C2000 package which will eventually be used to get the car to the 2000+hp level.

This car turns heads everywhere it goes and we love it!

The next car to highlight is this beautiful Kemora Gray R8 owned by our friend/customer Tony and his wife Krystle. This R8 was initially completed for FL2K22 and won its roll race class and went all the way to the semi-finals and only lost by a small margin to Jason Heffner in his black TT R8. While the car was initially built for roll racing only it was very hard to keep Tony from Drag Racing it since the car does it so well. Once the stock transmission eventually said it had had enough we brought the car back in for our fully built trans package with a full billet gear set to handle many launches to come! Tony is a very competitive racer so while we had the trans out to be built we removed the factory sealed engine from Audi and the Cicio Spec C1400 PTE6466 turbo kit to install a Cicio Performance Built 5.2l engine and Cicio Spec C2000 PTE7675 turbo kit. We also added our Proprietary billet intake manifold color matched Kemora Gray/ Rose Platinum to add the final cherry on top!

Last but never least, is our Shop R8 sporting the beautiful Kyalami Green color.

After achieving our goal of joining the elite group of four V10 cars to run 7’s in the ¼ mile on the stock engine, we decided to retire the factory sealed engine and move to our Cicio Performance Built 5.2 Liter Engine built in house and our larger C2000 PTE7675 turbo kit as well as our billet intake manifold done in a translucent gold. We can't wait to see this car go deeper into the 7’s at TX2K23!

Something to note on both of these built engine cars that many don’t know is that we fully build our engines in house at our private machine shop owned and operated by Cicio Performance. That doesn’t mean we just assemble the engines, we do everything from the machining, to balancing and assembly fully under our control. The machinist to the engine builder, to the installer and then finally the tuner all work hand and hand to ensure our product remains at the very top of the industry. This is something we are very proud of.

Thanks for taking the time to read,

Team Cicio
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