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Traction Control Thoughts and Experiences

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The other day I had a great idea. Turn on sport mode and turn off traction control. Then floor it on an on ramp (and try to keep it off the concrete barrier.) (which I barely missed) Holy crap. Trying to control an awd vehicle when all 4 are spinning is like trying to hold a snake covered in oil. I had thought my murcie was running a little rough till I turned off the TC. Now I know why people do the 2wd conversion. I have driven lots of high powered 2wd vehicles. They get sideways but can be steered into the slide and controlled. With the awd it felt like I was at the mercy of the car. It comes on so hard from 1 to 2nd it is hard to control. The aventador seemed to have a much more advanced TC system. What are your experiences? I am thinking of getting some really sticky tires. I love the hard acceleration but with TC is is like a rev limiter. It shuts down when I start to lose traction. I wonder if there is a way to reprogram it.
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You were at the mercy of the Murci.

The TC is crude by modern standards, and notoriously intrusive. The only way to drive is with TC off.

Which also explains why so many Murcielagos have been written off.
I like to think it adds to the mystique of the car...

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Mercy is rght . I had driven the Aventador for a week before and got used to great TC. The Murcies TC is basically a shutoff like a rev limiter. I think I will start driving it with it off more. Just be careful and get used to it. Does anyone know a way to reprogram or upgrade them?
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