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Total Number of TECNICAS That Will Be Produced? Collectors Car Someday?

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So what is your many Tecnicas will be produced worldwide? Some say approximately 1,500 and some say roughly 1,800 will be produced. Winkelman has said that ALL Lamborghini's will have some electrification by the end of 2024.

In 2021:
  • 173 Lamborghini dealerships worldwide
  • Total sales of 8,405 cars
  • Total sales of 2,586 (Huracans) ~ 31%
  • Total sales of 798 (Aventador) ~ 9.5%
  • Total sales of 5,021 (Urus) ~ 60%
So let's say there will be ~ 1,500 units shipped. Let's also assume that ~10% will be totaled (from idiots driving 150 mph out of the showroom floor........creating some sad/great YouTube video). That would leave ~ 1,350 remaining in the world. Does it become a good collector's car? Last naturally aspirated v10, and no electrification. I know.......who cares if it's a "collectors car", but it's fun/interesting to get everyone's opinion.

Here is a really interesting article on the 2021 numbers: 2021 (Full Year) Global: Lamborghini Worldwide Sale by Model and Country - Car Sales Statistics
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