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Tire Recommendations - Huracan Performante Spyder

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Hey all,

I should be picking up my performante Spyder (first ever lambo!) the week after next week.

They are currently equipped with P Zero Corsa's.

Any recommendations for me? I'm in Canada (Ontario) and we had snow a couple of days ago in May... I do expect a pretty hot/dry summer, but we sometimes get very unpredictable weather. I didn't buy the car to store it, and I will definitely be using it as a daily driver until it's impossible to do so.

Should I keep the current tires or would anyone recommend something else? I've heard the Corsa's are not that great in wet weather but I don't have any personal experience, so would appreciate input from those that have used the tires (on a Lamborghini).
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The PZero Corsa's are actually pretty good in colder weather (close to 0 degrees). I've driven them with no issues.

PS4's are great too and likely cheaper then P-Zero Corsa's. You could always look into Sport Cup 2's if you want max grip during hot weather.
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