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Thinking about buying my wife a land rover ? Advise !

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I have been thinking of getting my wife a Discovery for our 5th anniversay coming up. Any pros or cons ? I dont think they are what i would want in an SUV but to seems to be the one she likes the most. She didnt like the last SUV we had, Navigator, too big, drank gas and there is only 3 of us. Me , my wife and our two year old daughter. We both like the acura but ever since we went looking at SUV's she always brings the discovery up. Are they safe, reliable, does anyone have any experiance or know any good and bad things on them ? Thanks !
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Lambokid, run away from the Discovery as fast as you can! I had one for about two years and it sucked. The thing has the aerodynamics of a barn door, and it is so loud on highways that you can barely hear the stereo. Ride sucked, interior sucked, and gas mileage sucked. The only reason I would ever drive one again is if I had to go up a mountain. I will say that the thing goes just about anywhere you want it to. But for everyday driving, it feels more like a tractor. Just my two cents.

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