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Thinking about buying my wife a land rover ? Advise !

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I have been thinking of getting my wife a Discovery for our 5th anniversay coming up. Any pros or cons ? I dont think they are what i would want in an SUV but to seems to be the one she likes the most. She didnt like the last SUV we had, Navigator, too big, drank gas and there is only 3 of us. Me , my wife and our two year old daughter. We both like the acura but ever since we went looking at SUV's she always brings the discovery up. Are they safe, reliable, does anyone have any experiance or know any good and bad things on them ? Thanks !
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I drove it for a few hours and I didn’t like it at all. The ride on the freeway was horrible. What about an X5?
I also have friends who have Range Rovers and are not too happy with them. I don’t know how much of the Discover is BMW
I have heard the same thing from other guys but telling this to a woman who has her eye's set on it is hard. We never looked at the X5 but we did look at the lexus and she still like the discovery. This is what i personaly was fearing. Something i would hate and she loved.
I have a Range Rover and it sucks LOL. The Discovery is a taller car and you might have problems going into some parking lots. Also they are known to have many electrical problems (From what the mechanics told me). The Range luckily has been problem free. I've been trying to get the wife to like the Cayenne but she doesn't like the look.
Discovery is not known for its reliability. It eats gas like a Navigator or an Escalade, but as slow as a VW Bus. :) Show her the MDX and all it's gadgetry. Maybe that will convice her. Smart money goes to the MDX, better mileage, much better reliability, much better resale value, and more room. Overall, MDX is a much better midsize SUV. Then again, it's her car. Like you said, she will love it, but you will definitely hate it.
A good friend of mine has a Discovery, he is pretty neutral. Say there is good and bad. As stated the gas mileage is bad, high center of gravity and horrible resale. The Cayenne is extremely nice. Or you can look at the cheaper VW Touareg (very close to the Cayenne). And you know you can't go wrong with the Acura or X5. But I know how it is if a women has made up her mind you better start liking the Discovery!! ;)
I would not put my wife and kids in one, there was a programme on one and showing how easlily it rolled.
The crash worthiness is the lowest on the scale.
By the way I am English !!
Thank's fellas ! For some reason she loves it. I dont want it but most of us know women. You could bring her something that is 10 times better and 3 times more expensive but "thats not what she wants". Although if i show her that the crash test's suck it might put it to rest and she might actualy look at another SUV without thinking of the Rover. She realy wants it so that she can carry all her stuff, she has a photography hobby, and have plenty of room with the baby. She wouldn't want it if she thought it was unsafe for our little girl. I personaly like the X5,Aviator,lexus,and porsche.Thanks again fellas !
Hello Jeff,

I went through this same exact dilema with my wife back in late July, and I opted for a new Tahoe. It was less expensive and had a higher customer satisfaction rating.
I looked at the Discovery very close, because a friend of mine bought a brand new one two weeks prior to us considering a new SUV, and personally I was not impressed with the build quality at all, or the power. Maybe the top of the line model for $80k is better, but that was not viable. Also, it looked top heavy.
Also, believe it or not, the Tahoe rode better, go figure.

Good luck. Just my 2 cents.
I would agree on the VW Touareg. Great SUV's. They handle more like a car, get ok gas mileage and seem to be pretty reliable. You can get them in a V8 and there is also an option for a built in air compresor. It came in really handy when we used it as a tow vehicle for an out of state track event :)
Lambokid, run away from the Discovery as fast as you can! I had one for about two years and it sucked. The thing has the aerodynamics of a barn door, and it is so loud on highways that you can barely hear the stereo. Ride sucked, interior sucked, and gas mileage sucked. The only reason I would ever drive one again is if I had to go up a mountain. I will say that the thing goes just about anywhere you want it to. But for everyday driving, it feels more like a tractor. Just my two cents.

If not an LM002 What about the Range Rover? Its has the X5 engine in it and it looks awesome. The VW & the Porsche are very nice too
i like the X5, ive driven in it and i think it is a great car. my opinion is that the design of the X5 beats the touareg, but ive never driven in one.
Hello people, new to the site. In regards to the Land Rover be very cautious I have a 03 range Rover and have had numerous problems with it. Dealer service is OK but build quality for the 03 is bad. If you decide to go this route because I know wives rule get an extended warranty.
SUV dilemma

Look at the Infinity. Cool looking, not too big, and the 4.5 rips
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