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Thinking about an Urus

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I might order a brand new Urus and wanted to ask what the must have options are, I’m really interested in the massage seats, do they work well?

I was thinking about ordering BLU Cepheus as Ad Persoma supposedly won’t let me order any color I want.

also what is the best online forum to talk about the Urus, most forums seem dead.
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Thankfully most buyers at this level are/should be savvy enough that they don’t need coaching. It’s all totally subjective, and of course some will prattle off their list. Basically just tick all the boxes, otherwise you’ll regret it. These are toys, and shouldn’t be a wallet busting purchase.

But, since you asked, non-subjective, if you get the 23” you better get the spare tire. Those things suffer from sidewall blowouts a lot, and a can of goop isn’t going to help.
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