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Thinking about an Urus

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I might order a brand new Urus and wanted to ask what the must have options are, I’m really interested in the massage seats, do they work well?

I was thinking about ordering BLU Cepheus as Ad Persoma supposedly won’t let me order any color I want.

also what is the best online forum to talk about the Urus, most forums seem dead.
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It may also depend on which version you are buying. I ordered a pearl capsule and that had some items preselected. But I still added a lot. The one item several people mentioned to me that I was told wasn’t worth getting was the ambient lighting. It’s not a cheap option either. Sadly most other car makers include that in their cars. I can list off all of my options if you like but essentially if it sounds like something you may want I would just get it. The car is already expensive. You will regret it later otherwise. Have fun with the order and then get ready for the painful wait.
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