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Things included when you buy a 2016 AV Roadster

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Hi Guys, I recently bought an 2016 AV roadster and it came with no log books or any manuals OR anything else that comes with the car when you buy it new. I have a full history of the car and the Lamborghini distributer here in Sydney, Australia made the previous owner pay for all the stuff I should have received when I bought it and ordered it from Italy. They will also bring a log book up to date will all it's history as the car has been serviced by them from new and has a full, current, Lamborghini warranty. The previous owner lost it ALL when she moved houses.

Anyhow, the stuff arrives next week from Italy and I was hoping you guys can tell me what I can expect to get so that I will get all that came with the car when new. So far I know I am getting:
1. A second key that will be programmed to the car
2. A car cover
3. A battery charger
4. Log book completed by Lamborghini, Sydney.

Can you guys please tell me specifically what manuals and anything else I should get along with 1 - 4 above?

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2 keys, make sure they program both, think i had to pay usd 200 buck to reprogram one key. manuals,- believe it was 5 books, (around 7-800 USD if you have to buy... "mobility set" which includes some tools, including the torq for the wheel's, tire inflation "pump", white gloves.
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