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Well folks, momentum seems to be building for this event, which will be open to Ferrari, Lamborghini and probably Porsche and Viper guys, unless there are any other suggestions/concerns.

After discussing with Jim Heady of the Lambo club, it seemed apparent that there was room for another event for So Calif exotic car owners who perhaps could not make the time commitment to get to Reno for this year's Running of the Bulls.

This event will be open to ALL high end sports cars, including Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo, Benz, Bentley, Maserati and Viper.

So I've put together an alternative event requiring a lesser time commitment...and with several perks:

The event is TENTATIVLEY scheduled from August 16-19, so as to have us arrive in time to participate in all the events tied into that weekend's Concorso and Historic races.

It will start at SP Engineering.

There will be a fuel stop somewhere near Ventura. We will pass through Santa Barbara on our way to Pismo BEach for the first night.

The second day will see us at Hearst Castle for lunch and then continue up Highway 1 to Monterey, arriving in time to attend Concorso Italiano.

Modified's new magazine, "Luxury & Exotics" has signed on as a sponsor. They will give us ads in the magazine and will guarantee respectable editorial in their title.

I am close to procuring a deal wherein the first 50 or so cars will be given free gas cards.

Free car care products will be part of a goody bag, that will also include special "pampering" goodies for the ladies.

I am working on a 2 way communications sponsor.

The tour will be free...those who partake of the goody bags and other benefits will be asked to wear sponsor decals for the event (small and tasteful).

There will be a DVD crew along the route to film us...they will be asked to sign a piece of paper ensuring that no license plates are ever shown.

If there is enough interest, I will book a block of rooms at Cliffs Resort (a 4 star hotel) and will likewise book the lunch at Hearst Castle. In such a case, a more formal registration process including a pre payment will be required.

Day 1 Wednesday: Depart OC 10AM, should put us in Santa Barbara around 1PM for lunch. Head to Pismo Beach to get there around dinner time.

Day 1 Night:
Pismo Beach overnight

Day 2 Lunch stop, about 50 miles from Pismo Beach Maybe not time enough to do a full tour, but a lunch would be good.

Continue on about 90 miles up PCH/Hwy 1 to Monterey to our destination on this picturesque bit of road.

This is a non profit affair...I could use help with a website and flyer creation. I could likewise use help with "segment leaders," who are perhaps better connected to the Porsche/Ferrari/Viper community to garner support for the event.

I will be at Crystal Cove (in a yellow Diablo 6.0) this weekend if anyone would like to discuss.

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