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The Re-appearance of the Desert Queen P-300

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Way back in 1985 we encountered this beauty in New Jersey. It was the alleged property of a member of the Saudi Royal Family. It was brought to the US on a diplomatic visa, and had no EPA/DOT Financial Bond in place which would be required for a Grey Market Import.

The motor was seized and the transmission had problems but the body work was in excellent condition with 0 rust !
Mileage was around 6000 km

We wanted the car for parts, but the “agent” wanted money equivalent to a good running P-300, so nothing happened.

Around 1987, I had a conversation with Dick Merritt (DOT Administrator), and the car was not in his system, hence not federalized !

Fast forward to 2016 and the car received a new interior somewhere in Ohio for $ 12K…at that point it was still red in color.

Subsequently someone in Ohio took the car to Evans Enterprises and started spending some serious money ( over $ 135,000 ) to replace rotted floorboards, rocker panels chassis components etc. along with yet another rebuilt engine and transaxle… Mileage now… 8000 km.

The car spent 2018-2020 in the Houston Texas area, and was for sale most of that time…

In early 2021 the car was auctioned on Bring a Trailer

I have owned or been involved with some 20 Urracos and Jalpas and have seen several spectacular restorations in the UK and Germany, but this car is not one of them…

Bring a Trailer seems an excellent site for the seller…much less so for the buyer.

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Hello, I am the new owner of Urraco 20094. Amongst all the other documentation that came with the car, there is a handwritten note that provides a DOT file number with the car (and the note mentioned the owner spoke with the late Dick Merritt.) Mr. Merritt happens to have been a founding member of the Ferrari Club of America, but I digress..

I haven't yet called the DOT to obtain the file.. but will be interesting to see what the file contains - if it does exist! Love the car so far.
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