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Nice, but this beard is already 2m long...

Although the sketches look perfect and I would love to see that car running it might never happen.

Like I said 10 times already, VW-Group has the Bentley and the Phaeton and the Audi A8, why building a new Espada to drop sales of the others down?
Makes no sense, unfortunately in our eyes...

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Hi Raymond,

>>Nice, but this beard is already 2m long...<<

Ha! Good one, haven't heard that expression before. :)

When I was at the factory in July Donckerwolke told me they were considering a new version of the Espada. Certainly whether it makes sense or not -- or whether they follow through or not -- is out of our control. I hope they do because to me the concept is a good one. I believe Lamborghini itself needs a 4 seater. (Who cares about these other companies? I sure don't.)

If Lamborghini only built "race" cars that would be one thing, but they don't. They build street cars... "people" cars ... and people like to drag their friends around.

So I guess we'll see! :D

To me the bigger question is where would they build it? They are out of room at the factory. Regardless of what they come up with next, they'd have to purchase more land or build it somewhere else.


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