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FYI, repost from f-chat but I'm too excited and lazy to write something new...

Hey everyone, finally got my camera back from NJ. In honor of this momentous occasion I am posting pics of my beauties. I can give first hand account of the differences between these cars so ask away. Carbon is much nicer in the gold one. Both are unbelievable. Titanium one is for sale, gold one is not.
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Just for INFO the 01 6.0 IS THE ONLY year that thye wheels are made out of a lighter alloy. YOU CAN not CHORME these wheels. If you curb them they flake like ceramic.

The least amount of FACTORY wheel weight EVER produced by LAMBO. They are also the TRUEST in balanced wheel EVER made for LAMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason not made any more? Cost they can now make a set of four for the new cars at a cost of one of the 6.0 wheels.

Rumor has it that the last of the LAMBO factory managers ordered these 6.0 wheels at a high cost to TEACH AUDI a lesson before they knew waht was going on!!

I belive this because even to date, AUDI and LAMBO can NOT GIVE any REAL numbers of 6.0 made just LESS than 177 units. :wave:
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