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We wanted to write and formally thank Lamborghini-Talk and those of its members who have been kind and generous enough to provide information , anecdotes and photographs for our Lamborghini Countach book which has just been published ( Evro Publishing , ISBN : 9781910505632 ) .

We estimate that this 336 page book with about 450 photos took us over 1200 hours to write - so about the same sort of time as it took Sant' Agata to construct a Countach in period .

Planning for the book started almost exactly 20 years ago - on 26 / 5 / 2001 , the day we acquired temporary custodianship of Chassis 12399 ( a Rosso Siviglia 88 1/2 QV ) direct from its first owner via Lamborghini London .
Even now ,12399 continues to delight us every day , as only a Countach can .

Lamborghini-Talk contributors were hugely helpful , and we have taken care to name every contributor in the Acknowledgements Page ( except for some of the most important contributors who asked for anonymity - a request that we have , and will , absolutely respect )

We had contributors from 6 continents , including Valentino Balboni , Giampaolo Dallara , Umberto Marchesi and Tonino Lamborghini , but sadly the factory cat eluded us .
Meeting these Countach midwives was the highlight of our research trips .

This has been a labour-of-love that two eye-surgeons could never have brought to a successful conclusion without the invaluable help and guidance of you dedicated Lambo owners and enthusiasts , so thank-you again Lamborghini-Talk .

And next onto a book on the '' Holy Trinity '' - a book looking at the evolution of the wedge-shaped , South-North Bizzarrini mid-engined , Lamborghini flagships .
Tracing the bloodline of the Countach , Diablo and Murcielago should keep us out of mischief for a bit .
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