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Took the new Porsche 997 S for a test drive today (Ive got the Turbo on order for delivery at the end of 05).

Very impressed with the way that it drives compared to the 996. A very smooth ride, even though its on pretty stiff suspension. Clutch felt nice and solid too and the gear change is a lot more direct than on the previous model. I also liked the interior, which reminded me a lot of the pre 993 interiors.

Performance was nothing special, i think its pushing out something around 350bhp on this particular model. They still haven't finalised the spec of the turbo yet, but I'm hoping for something around the 450bhp+ mark. Overall the car felt like a well built daily driver and builds on what the 996 already achieved. Some might say its a watered down version of the older models but for me they stand out as the only really usable supercar.
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