Tecnocraft T2s Seats. Kevlar front, Carbon back. These weigh about 7 lbs. Includes 3 piece cushions for both seats.

These are basically new. Passenger seat never installed. Cushions for the passenger seat still in plastic.

These seats look great, super light weight, and are more comfortable than the stock seats to sit in. So why am I selling?? I cannot get them set up for the way I like to drive which is with a very upright seat back. Since I have never read anyone else mention this and have read tons of reviews about these being much better than stock, I have to imagine my personal seating position makes me more of an outlier. However, if you like to sit like me, these are not the seats for you.

For $3000 you will get the seats, padding, Tecnocraft side mount brackets, and the seat to bracket hardware.

I have sliders and the Planted seat bases but unsure if I will sell those. I modified these quite a bit to get the seat as low as possible. The Gallardo does not provide a whole lot of height to work with.

In addition to saving over new, I should also be able to save you on shipping as well. Tecnocraft uses a box that is one inch too big for reasonable UPS rates so they ship by freight which ends up being around $500. I should be able to find a box that allows this to ship by UPS at a much more reasonable price. For those that are close enough to Austin to pick up in person, that is welcome as well.