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Yeah they did okay in the Prologue, official racing is on Today. Stokell overshot a turn and lost a few seconds yesterday. Stuart Appleby was thrilled just to be out there racing the Gallardo.

This is me leaning on Stokells Gallardo:

And the interior:

Action shot from the Targa site:

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There has to be a bump in the road that it launched off of. At least I hope that is what happened!! :confused:

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Hehehe. Yes guys that photo was taken as the Gallardo was landing from a jump. The stages have a few train tracks that are raised up from the road and there are also quite a few elevation changes and various rises and dips in the surface where the competitors often become airborne!

I'll try to keep the photos coming. :)


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Lamborghini Takes the Lead

AUS: Targa Tasmania day two summary
Racing series RALLY
Date 2005-04-28


Victorian driver Paul Stokell today revelled in perfect weather conditions in his brand new Lamborghini Gallardo to become the new leader of the 2005 Targa Tasmania tarmac rally.

The 36-year-old and his Tasmanian navigator Peter Roberts finished Leg Two from Launceston to Hobart with a total penalty time of 3-mins 41-secs, finishing with an advantage of 23-secs over the Porsche-powered Bathurst champion Jim Richards.

They were followed by Queenslander Tony Quinn, also in a Porsche, and Tasmanian duo John and Jason White in a Nissan Skyline GT-R. At the end of the Day Two, the top four were separated by 39 seconds. International PGA champion Stuart Appleby is currently placed equal 23rd, also in a Lamborghini Gallardo.

Back-to-back Nations Cup champion Stokell, who finished third in Targa Tasmania in 1999 in a Lotus Elise, began today's leg in fourth position, and then released himself from the pack by the third stage of the day, Winnaleah.

"It's fantastic to be in the lead, it's been a good day and the car is good and really, really quick - it's awesome. We always knew it had the potential to win the event, it's just a mater of displaying it now," said Stokell.

Richards, who maintained second position throughout today's nine competitive stages, was not concerned by Stokell's pace.

"Nothing is going wrong and the car is going great. Paul is also going well, we can only go as fast as we can and worry about ourselves and not him," Richards said.

The Whites were leading by 16-seconds going into today's first stage, but were overtaken by the Lamborghini on the Winnaleah stage. A faster Quinn on all but one stage edged the Porsche driver up to third position, bumping the all-Tasmanian team back to fourth.

"We're trying as hard as we can," said White. "I don't think there were many places today for us to make up time. We did as much as we could yesterday and there wasn't much room for improvement today."

Meanwhile Appleby was impressed by his own performance, climbing eight places up the field throughout the day's stages.

"I am getting better at this. I am smoother and quicker straight out of the blocks today. This car has got a lot of potential, it's only weak link at the moment is the driver. I am happy to be where we are in the field, we didn't know what to expect so where we finish is where we finish," said Appleby.

Two-times Bathurst champion Tony Longhurst enjoyed his 73km run today, finishing equal 14th, but was concerned about tyre-wear and braking capability on his Subaru Impreza WRX STi.

"This is tougher than yesterday, and now I want more power and better brakes. My tyres are too soft and we need some rain before they wear out. This is an amazing event, I have spent my whole life on circuits and to do this on an open road is fantastic," said Longhurst.

Bill Pye and his navigator Grant Geelan, both from New South Wales, led the Shannons Classic Competition in their 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera. The Victorian duo of Michael Conway and Simon Gardiner were not far behind in a 1977 Ford Escort MK2 RS2000. Rounding out the top three are 2003 Classic winners Graham Copeland and Jon Siddins in a Datsun 240Z.

Equal seventh this morning in the Modern Competition were multiple Targa Tasmania competitors Ray Lintott, from New South Wales, and his Lithuanian navigator Fred Gocentas were forced out of the rally today after crashing out on the Derby stage. While first time competitor Tony Warren ran his Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer V into a tree 8km into today's Triabunna stage. All parties involved were cleared of injury.

Tomorrow's third leg comprises eight stages, starting and finishing in Hobart with a total competitive distance of 59.40km.



1 Paul Stokell, VIC, Peter Roberts, TAS Lamborghini Gallardo 00:03:41
2 Jim Richards, VIC, Barry Oliver, TAS Porsche 911 GT3 CS 00:04:04
3 Tony Quinn, QLD, Keith Wenn, QLD Porsche 911 Turbo 00:04:18
4 John White, TAS, Jason White, TAS Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II 00:04:20
5 Warwick Rooklyn, NSW, Linda Long, NSW Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer VII 00:04:51
6 Greg Garwood, TAS, John Allen, QLD Porsche 911 Turbo 00:05:16
7 Rex Broadbent, VIC, Michael Goedheer, VIC Daytona Coupe 00:06:33
7 Kevin Weeks,SA, Jahmeil Taylor SA Porsche 911 GT2 00:06:33
9 Scott Juniper, QLD, Dan Bowden, QLD Porsche 911 Turbo 00:06:35
10 Jeff Beable, VIC, Nerida Beable, VIC Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II 00:06:54


1 Bill Pye,NSW, Grant Geelan,NSW Porsche 911 Carrera 00:03:54
2 Michael Conway,VIC, Simon Gardiner,VIC Ford Escort MK2 RS2000 00:04:23
3 Graham Copeland, QLD, Jon Siddins, QLD Datsun 240Z 00:05:42
4 Ian Morris, VIC, Alex Molocznyk, QLD Alfa Romeo GTV6 00:05:45
5 Eric Grimshaw, VIC, Sarah Grimshaw, VIC Ford Escort RS2000 00:05:49


1 Steve Bruce,WA, Terri Bruce,WA Morris Mini Cooper S 00:08:14
2 James Powell, Davies,TAS, Nick McShane,TAS BMW Alpina 00:09:14
3 Martin Utber,VIC, Kevin Clarence,VIC Vauxhall Cresta 00:10:32


1 John Lawson,VIC, Paul Lawson,VIC AC Amilcar Grand Sport 00:08:58
2 John Felder,VIC, Mark Burns,VIC Oakland 8-101 00:16:40
3 Graham Kent,TAS, Pat Kent,TAS Ford Coupe 00:17:44

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Appleby Still Hanging In!!

AUS: Targa Tasmania day three summary
Racing series RALLY
Date 2005-04-29


An off-road excursion on today's Cygnet stage, near Hobart, dropped Lamborghini driver Paul Stokell out of contention in this year's Targa Tasmania tarmac rally, with local hopefuls Jason White taking up their position in the top spot.

The dual Nations Cup champion damaged the front left hand corner of his Lamborghini Gallardo, when he lost control on a corner in today's third leg of the 2,100km rally in the southern region of Tasmania.

Stokell was leading by 23-secs coming into the third leg, when damp road conditions forced the powerful 500bhp Gallardo off the road 2.75km into the 9.9km long stage, sending it drifting at speed into a bank on the opposite side.

"If it was on a track there would be no dramas at all, but I had nowhere to go and we hit the bank and spun and that was the end of our race," said Stokell.

"It was a combination of driver error and conditions. I didn't think we were pushing that hard, but it was very slippery on that stage and I think it was just one of those occasions when you get caught out."

With Stokell out of contention, Tasmanian Nissan team John and Jason White will go into the fourth leg of competition with a 27-second lead over Queensland Porsche driver Tony Quinn, who is followed by Jim Richards, 16-seconds behind, also in a Porsche.

One minute behind Richards is local Porsche driver Greg Garwood in fourth position, and rounding out the top five is former Sydney to Hobart champion yachtsman Warwick Rooklyn, in a Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer.

At the start of the third leg, the Whites were tailing in fourth but were consistently faster than Richards pushing them up to second place behind Stokell on the third stage of the day. Stokell's crash then cleared the way for the Whites to take first position.

White is aware of his opponent's ability to perform well in the wet, and prays for rain to ensure minimal wear on his Nissan's tyres.

"We're delighted to be back in the lead again," said White. "Today was good, we had a great day on the wet stages but we lost time again on the dry ones. We've been giving our tyres a hiding, so we're hoping for more rain. If it stays dry, we'll be in trouble and Jim (Richards) and Tony Quinn will come and get us."

Richards, currently in third position, says he favours wet weather but will find variable weather conditions a challenge.

"This year's Porsche is a little bit better in the wet than last year's, but it will never be as good as the four-wheel-drives," said Richards. "Even if it stays dry, we will still be hard pressed to win as some of the other cars have a better power to weight ratio."

With his Subaru Impreza WRX Sti performing well on damp roads, V8 Supercar star Tony Longhurst secured the tenth spot at the end of Day Three in the Modern Competition.

"The wet sections were fantastic, we were really humming along," said Longhurst. It is tough when the stages are wet and then dry, but the car is right in its element when it's wet and sliding around. We want it to rain from now until Sunday night."

Picking up pace in the field is Stokell's Lamborghini team mate Stuart Appleby who has moved up four spots since the start of today's competition, to take 19th position today, also in a Gallardo.

"The conditions have been eye-popping, it was a little erratic today so I've got to work on being smoother," said Appleby. "There's no such thing as a free lunch here - you have to work hard for results."

Bill Pye and Grant Geelan have maintained their leading position in the Shannons Classic Competition in their 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera, 12-seconds behind Michael Conway in their 1977 Ford Escort and charging up the field from eight position to third is last year's Classic Winner Nick Ellis also in a Ford Escort.

In third position leading into today's Classic Competition was Martin Utber and his navigator Kevin Clarence who were forced out of contention after experiencing mechanical problems three stages in.

A number of competitors found the damp road conditions a challenge today, with several small incidents knocking four competitors out of the Tasmanian rally.

Tomorrow's fourth and penultimate leg starts in Hobart, taking the competition field up the state's midlands and finishing in Burnie over 110.29 competitive kilometres.

Link to photo of damage:
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