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I think my spec would be extremely basic. But I don't know if I should be ordering one though the temptation is quite hard to resist. That big wing will surely attract lots of jealous cops, though removing it means removing the identity of STO which means may as well get the Tecnica.
Beauty exists within simplicity in Japanese culture haha.

Jealous cops would think the big wing is bosozuku since they don't know any better. I would be wary of drawing negative attention as well.

I hear you on questioning whether ordering new at the moment is the wisest choice. 1 month ago I wasn't as pessimistic. Today I feel a recession is coming sooner than later perhaps the latest end of 2023.

Can I wait for 18 months or less to procure a great deal as I did on my current 580-2 also knowing I have 30 more years of exotic car ownership in front of me?
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