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STO 50K Over

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My dealer just called me saying that they have a 22 STO with 500 miles for 50k over. Msrp is 412k, so it would make it 462k. A week prior they sent me the same car at 100k over but now they are saying the car is on consignment and the owner needs to make room in his garage and wants to sell quick. Smart move? or wait it out to see where things go. I got screwed on a G63 and don't want to make the same mistake. I know these cars are more limited, should the market for them stay stronger?
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Exterior carbon typically adds to resale in high end cars.

Odd colour schemes do not.
1000% agree on this. Funky colors are no good for resale. My dealer had a blu Lauffey car with belenus contrast pack. As cool as it was (and priced fairly) it did not sell for 3 months and the owner took it back
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