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STO 50K Over

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My dealer just called me saying that they have a 22 STO with 500 miles for 50k over. Msrp is 412k, so it would make it 462k. A week prior they sent me the same car at 100k over but now they are saying the car is on consignment and the owner needs to make room in his garage and wants to sell quick. Smart move? or wait it out to see where things go. I got screwed on a G63 and don't want to make the same mistake. I know these cars are more limited, should the market for them stay stronger?
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STOs are sitting and going lower each week. If the owner is desperate, he’ll take MSRP and be grateful. Winter is here, STO isn’t going to be doing much and the nonsense market is equalizing very quickly.
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Are you going to be on the sidelines and interjecting on threads and talking about gut feeling until the end of time, cherry picking limited publicly available information? (When almost all the cars bought and sold at this level are not public information ).

I received unsolicited offers on two of my cars recently from outside parties and it was way , way above sticker . I didn’t bite due to implications from manufacture and dealer if I sold now and what would happen to my future buying possibilities .
I promise you that you didn’t get major offers substantially above MSRP in the last 14 days for an STO. My friend had dealers begging for his 992 GT3. Now that he got his GT4 RS, he went back and every dealer is either MSRP or 10k over. Quite the different story from summer where it was 60k over no questions asked.

G wagon market same thing, complete shambles. In an era of free money, 0-2% interest, 300-800% gains on stocks and crypto, people were able to do silly things without a care. That time is over.
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