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STO 50K Over

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My dealer just called me saying that they have a 22 STO with 500 miles for 50k over. Msrp is 412k, so it would make it 462k. A week prior they sent me the same car at 100k over but now they are saying the car is on consignment and the owner needs to make room in his garage and wants to sell quick. Smart move? or wait it out to see where things go. I got screwed on a G63 and don't want to make the same mistake. I know these cars are more limited, should the market for them stay stronger?
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The STO is the weakest of the Lamborghini lineup in terms of used pricing vs MSRP. You can buy a lightly used 2022 STO at Lamborghini Seattle at not even $20K over sticker there now. There is a very high spec green one there.
Is that the one with the light blue contrast? If so, the spec is affecting the price - not the car.
Yes. But if you go to Cargurus and see the price history of many of the listed STOs, they’re in freefall. Inventory has doubled and prices have dropped about $75K or so in 5 months. I know because I wholesaled mine a while back for higher than current retail asking for a similar car.
It’s gone..
I’m not surprised. It was priced right. If you include full PPF, that car was only $10K over sticker or so.
Yeah price was right but msrp was too high.. buyer went overboard .
Yup. But still way better than the super basic ones at like $450K with $360K stickers. Those should, and will be
at $400-420K soon
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Obviously the demand for STO is still there, as all the cars at MSRP new from dealers are sold out. We are in the price discovery stage now as to what the demand is over sticker. My gut feel is that it isn’t all that strong and wholesale will be sticker soon and to be honest, it may already be there for cars beyond delivery miles.
I flipped mine over sticker and might consider buying one back under sticker
G wagon market is something to talk about. Can’t believe people were paying $100k over retail. Insane
I heard it even went higher than that! Lol
Yes. Some people were paying close to $300k on $175k msrp Cars. I really do not get it.
Yes, silliness. The largest collapse is the black series Benz, though. Some people paid $600K+
At 25k I would be confirmable but they are not taking it.
Both sides not too far apart….split the difference! 37.5K
Not my car but crazy $479k msrp.

That’s a whole 90k over mine and mine is fully loaded with almost every box checked!

Wow. That’s the highest MSRP I’ve seen. That being said, someone in the market who likes the spec is better off getting this vehicle than the used ones on the market now. At least it’s brand new and the price isn’t too far off most of the well spec used ones out there.
The stickers are this expensive or is this for having them painted?
Painted is expensive. Stickers are like $2-5K
Too many STO owners went nuts with paint and options like full interior/exterior carbon. If you want to get good resale keep your spec simple and cut back on expensive paints and AdP options.
I think added options totaling 15-25% of base price is a good ballpark amount. Not too poverty spec looking and not going overboard….
Mines at 388k including GGT and destination. Base price for 2023 is $334k so I did about 50k of options

Full exterior carbon
interior carbon twill pack
Adp sport seats and dash
Lift, black wheels, red calipers, anti theft, contrast stitching, seatbelts and all that good stuff too.

Don’t know how people get it to $450k. Even if I chose a color I’d be at 400k

Yep. $50K is right around 15%, which is 👍

The expensive stuff on the STO options wise are painted roof, painted stickers and stuff like that…..
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