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STO 50K Over

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My dealer just called me saying that they have a 22 STO with 500 miles for 50k over. Msrp is 412k, so it would make it 462k. A week prior they sent me the same car at 100k over but now they are saying the car is on consignment and the owner needs to make room in his garage and wants to sell quick. Smart move? or wait it out to see where things go. I got screwed on a G63 and don't want to make the same mistake. I know these cars are more limited, should the market for them stay stronger?
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G63 prices never made sense to me.

And speaking of G's, I was offered a G63 squared allocation for $300k over list. I found out last week the allocation sold for $300kand was flipped for $350k. In fairness the squared will be limited production but still an insane amount of money to pay for a jacked up G.
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$50k over for a base spec is still good in my books. Just remember pre-COVID every Lambo would take a 15% hit once you drove off the lot.
Too many STO owners went nuts with paint and options like full interior/exterior carbon. If you want to get good resale keep your spec simple and cut back on expensive paints and AdP options.
Like free paint, standard interior options and No Carbon?
Pretty much but it depends on the model. For example, on my U Perf I had to get the exposed carbon hood and roof because it's a "must" option for the Perf.
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