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Stickers/decals reproduction and liveries

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Hi Guys!
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kamil.
I’ll get right to it :) We make engine decals an liveries mainly for Porsches, you can find most of our current work here:
Right now, we are thinking about broadening our horizons :D
We are creating something BRAND NEW, a completely new brand NOBOCO, it’s so fresh that we don’t even have a logo yet :D But it won’t take long, trust me :)
We want to help out all of the car nuts restore their babies to their former glory.
Everyday, we find new stickers to reproduce, come up with new designs, and help customers decide which way to go to do something really cool with their cars.
Maybe you are working on your project, and you find yourself in a need of restoring some stickers? Have an idea for a livery?
Just send me a PM, and I’m sure we’ll figure something out ;)

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I'm actually interested in livery for my gallardo, I just saw a company that does magnetic ones for porsches, which is intriguing.

Anyways, I'd love to see what designs you come up with for the gallardo. I have a spyder which somewhat limits things... I've been wondering if it's possible to adapt the decals from the countach LP500R to a gallardo or something inspired by that.
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