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Spring Mountain Driving School

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jalpa_gary said:
Hi Guys. I live in Las Vegas and plan on attending the show on Fri afternoon.

I went last year and you need alot of time to see everything. Don't recall any Lambo specific items, but there were 5-6 Lambos on display

-Wiz, have you driven the track in Pahrump. I've been out there alot but in my 930. You'll not get the most out of a Lambo. Short, tight and twisty. Not enough room to stretch the legs. Watch out for scorpions and tarantulas if you're a course worker. I'm not kidding :eek:

If anyone is going, let me know. The beers are on me


Thanks for the warning on the little critters. I'm not driving my Diablo. I'm taking their 3-day advance driving school in a C6 Vette. The owner John actually just squeezed me in the class. He was able to do this bacause they just received their first C6 for instructional purposes.

Anyone interested in a group advance driving school at Spring Mountain Ranch? I'm sure we can ask John for a special group rate for L-talk guys.

BTW, John is also a Lambo owner. He has a 04 Black Gallardo.

I'm sorry for hijacking this thread. I'll move it on a new thread.
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