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Speed sensor wiring issue

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My 91 diablo speed sensor attached to the trans was leaking and needed to be replaced. The old sensor has 2 wires and the new sensor has 4 wires. Anyone familiar with the wires that needs to be connect?

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see post 84

Wow thank you! Really appreciate it!
Where do I get the pulsing transformer? Is that from Lambo or a generic one? Is there a part number?


i bought mine from bullstuff, $450 pn 0R1320001.

that was 2015, i cant say i shopped around so not sure if you can find cheaper.
Thanks. I already have the new sensor installed. But was asking about the pulsing transformer in your diagram.
isn't the part of the kit you ordered? I will look at my records and see what came, but IIRC it all came together, but let me check that.
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