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I have exactly one zero mile Gallardo kevlar clutch which is good to 1000hp and designed to be used with the manual transmission. This unit was used to test a sequential shift system and was only used to bolt up to the transmission for verification purposes. Because the cover shows marks from having been installed, it cannot be sold as new. But again, it's functionally brand new with zero actual miles and zero wear on any of the friction surfaces.

Comes with a lightweight flywheel, the only in existence for the pre-LP cars, and mounting hardware. It is 20% lighter than the OEM flywheel. No one else makes a lightweight flywheel for the pre-LP cars and we have them for both.

The clutch features better-than-OEM drivability and longevity. We'll match or beat any warranty or mileage rating being offered by any other company selling a similar clutch. This clutch does require a 1,000 mile break-in period for optimal performance and longevity. It's a superbly-engineered piece and is the pinnacle of clutch design for the Gallardo. There's nothing better on the market regardless of price.

PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL. [email protected]

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