Hello all,
Selling this SOUL Performance Race Exhaust for Huracan 580 & 610. This is one of the best sounding and performance enhancing systems out there for the price.

** I bought this also off a Forum member here in 2022, but ended up not getting a 610 but went with an EVO and this has been boxed up** I am just selling for what I bought this for, exhaust has approx. 1000 miles on it only.

I have sold many times on the forum with no bad experiences. I can send more pics if needed.

Please email [email protected] for fastest response.

$1200 shipped to your door in the USA- great deal!!!

A quick google search will provide a ton of information on this but here is a few:

The lightest and the loudest: large diameter 3″ system encourages maximum power and engine tone for those who seek out the full Lamborghini experience.


Fits all Lamborghini Huracan vehicles (2014-2019 / excluding Performante)
+ Weighs 51 lbs / 23.13 kg less than factory exhaust (66 lbs vs 15 lbs, without heat shields)

DEVELOPMENT: Inspired by the Huracán LP 620-2 Super Trofeo, we set out to craft an aggressive system for SEMA builds, Liberty Walk kit equipped cars, and the weekend cruiser alike. The factory exhaust is incredibly heavy at over 60 lbs with several chambers and secondary, unmonitored catalytic converters. It simply does not offer the roar that most are looking for under aggressive acceleration. To achieve our goals of maximum power, lightness, and sound we use 3″ diameter tubing and individual piping for each bank of the engine to drop over 50 lbs from the vehicle and enhance the Lamborghini roar. Factory heat shielding is retained.

POWER (Exhaust Only): Below are the real, unedited, straight from the Mustang dyno results as conducted by R/T Tuning with before and after runs with the factory Sport exhaust and our Race Exhaust. Enjoy a nice 15-20 whp and 15-20 ft-lbs bump in the midrange where you’ll be using it most. As the RPMs climb, the power begins to level out as the ECU is controlling timing and AFR targets strictly.
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