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Some photos for Paul and Gary

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Would this be your next project?! ;)
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pcht5 said:
Thanks for the pictures, they look interesting. However, I still prefer the look of the original design because, to me it is much better. :)
I can understand why people would want to enhance the look of an ordinary car like an Impreza, but why on earth anyone feels the need to mess with the pure lines of a Lambo is completely beyond me. The car is designed by professionals with years of experience, and most of the design cues are the way they are for a good reason. Messing with it is more likely to increase drag or reduce performance one way or another than to enhance it and IMHO also makes it look invariably worse. I understand people feel the need to be "individual" but come on, Lambos are so rare anyway that you're about as individual as you need to be just by owning a stock one. :rolleyes:
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