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Hi Everyone,

I'm close to something big!

Well, maybe not but just found out about this tiny bluetooth media adapter. It is actually everything I'm missing on the entertainment system.

As many of you already know and suffer, there isn't any physical button for volume and media keys on Evo. Something available in URUS or on old huracan models is missing on Evo:


Touch interface is very dangerous especially when going fast. A physical media button add-on could solve many of the problems actually.

This is the bluetooth button I found. works with a battery which is ok for a year or two. you can place the button anywhere in the car, even on the back of the steering wheel where you can easily change volume while hands on steering:


The device is visible when I search for bluetooth devices.


However, when I try to connect, after a few seconds, nothing happens and it disconnects.

Apparently, it works for some other cars. Maybe somebody smarter has another way of making this work? Or maybe another, more compatible device is out there. Does anyone know?

Help much appreciated!

This is the device:
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