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So I drove the essenza scv12 today @ Vegas Speedway

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DREAM RACING is working w Lambo and they are a great bunch of guys w a beautiful facility. I think there were some Lamob engineers and Super Trofeo driver Dario was coaching me. He’s an excellent driver & coach. I got a few laps in a stock Huracan to learn the track. Then we dove into the deep end.

The SCV12 is beautiful and intimidating. It uses great SVJ block but whole new tub. roof is lowers than an SVJ & Door sills much taller so it’s harder to get in & out than a Countach but much better visibility.

Dario drove two laps then I jumped in drivers seat and he was coaching me. I got almost 20 laps total. I tried to remember every moment. SVC12 has near 900hp & weighs around 3000# with a bit under 2000# downforce. Definitely accelerates harder than Super Trofeo and handles much much better. Brakes are excellent & the sound is fantastic. I need that exhaust on my SVJ :ROFLMAO:

the track is a bit tight & short for the car but what a rush. Thanks Lambo & DREAM RACING.
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