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Anyone we know?????? :(

A 30-YEAR-OLD Carlisle father-of-three was killed and two other men were injured in an horrific two-car crash near the city last night.

Joseph Powley, 30, of Walkmill Crescent, died when his Audi 80 burst into flames after a collision with a silver Lamborghini sports car on the A7 at Blackford.

The trainee plumber was married to wife Kerry - a librarian at St Martin’s College - and had three girls aged eight, seven and five months.

He had visited his father and stepmother’s house just before the accident happened.

Family members said he had just pulled from their drive onto the busy Carlisle to Longtown route to return home when the crash occured.

The Lamborghini was also travelling towards the city.

There were two men in the Lamborghini, both of them from the city.

They were taken to the Cumberland Infirmary by ambulance with what police say were “non life-threatening injuries” and kept in the hospital for treatment.

Mr Powley’s stepmother said he had been to their house at Blackford to borrow some plumbing equipment from his father, also called Joseph.

He had been at the house only a short time before the tragedy happened.

“He was the warmest, most hardworking family man you could ever meet,” she said.

Fire crews from Longtown and Carlisle were called to the crash. They put out the fire and cut Mr Powley from the car.

The road was closed for seven hours as police carried out a detailed investigation into the crash.

Diversions were put in place to guide drivers away from the scene. Junction 44 of the M6 was sealed off to motorists heading onto the A7.

Neighbours afterwards spoke of their shock at witnessing the crash.

One person living nearby said: “I could see it from our kitchen window. It was horrendous.

“It is a very dangerous road. People fly down there like a bat out of hell. You speak to any of the local residents and they will tell you the same.

“It’s time they did something about it. We need speed traps or a lowering of the speed limit.”

Police are appealing for witnesses to the crash. Anyone with information should call officers on 01768 891999.

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i just lost my brother to an acsident....a week ago....

i hope all of u keep safe.....these cars are not for danger.......u dont have to speed to enjoy them......

its about the car.. the end ur worth more than the metal they put into the machine......

again... i hope every one learns from these situations...


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