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Silly bird sh*it question

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I parked my car under a tree to get some shade only to find it covered with bird droppings.
I washed all of it off but some of it dripped into the engine compartment.
I am not going to hose the engine bay, question is will the dripped bird sh*t
cause corrosion of engine compartment/parts?

Silly but just wanted to know.
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I've been laughing about the title all day, but bird doodoo is actually a serious problem for paint (even clear coats) and should be removed ASAP to prevent/avoid serious discoloration of the paint. It's best to "get-it while it's wet" :)...and Wash Dat Chit OFF asap..with clean water and if neccesary some soap & water. Don't know what they eat, but paint sure doesn't like it!

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