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For the lucky few who have ever seen one, a Silhouette is a sight to behold as it is the rarest production Lamborghini in the world. Of the 52 (some count 55) cars ever made, 10 were right hand drive and a total of 31 are believed to survive. Only 1 that is still known (some say 3 were made) were bulit for the US market with MPH speedos and a slightly different rear bumper. The value of the cars vary with condition. Most of the best ones are simply not for sale. One that needs light resto work and paint, expect to pay in the $40K range, but be ready to spend big money to make it a show car. Your best bet is to find one of the best ones (when they come up) and spend about $70K for one that needs nothing. Because of the few cars made a lot of Silhouette owners have changed the color of thier cars. That does lower the value. The show cars in the factory color with the proper Pirelli Cinturato P7 tires (not P7R's) are worth the most.
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