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Self-detail on the G

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Did the entire detailing myself. Comments please.
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What detailing products did you use? It looks awesome!
1. Wash with Pinnacle bodywork shampoo
2. Dry
3. Clay bar
4. Wash again with Pinnacle bodywork shampoo
5. Dry
6. Polished minor swirls with Pinnacle paintwork cleansing lotion
7. Prep surface with Klasse All-In-One
8. Sealed with Klasse High Gloss Sealent Glaze
9. Waited 24 hours then second coat of Klasse High Gloss Sealent Glaze
10. Topped off with Pinnacle Souveran Wax.
11. Glass used Autoglym Fast Glass

Before all I've ever done is just wash the car and left detailing to the Pros.
Never felt my previous cars worthy of my time.

Thinking of adding a second layer of wax hehe.
Started Thursday afternoon finished Sunday afternoon.
Each stage took less than 30 minutes. Waiting for the Sealent to cure was what wasted time.

Costs of products maybe around 200-300 but I got enough left over to this all over again 15-20 more times LOL
Also got to say MicroFibre rocks! Throw away those old chamois!
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Want to do my roadster? :)

I thought I was anal
I don't think I'll have the patience to do what you just did. Wow.
OJ, you have inspired me. As soon as I get back from my US trip, I'm going to tackle my car in a serious fashion.

You have achieved a beautiful finish! :)
Thanks for the Kudos guys.

The work seems like a lot. But it's just slow process. Everything by hand and not strenuous at all. Too bad pictures don't do the actual work justice. The paint glides like silk when I run my hand on it.
At last Ive found someone with the same problem I have. OBSESIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER. Beautiful
re. Clay Bar

Can using a Clay Bar on a new finish actually make it look even better ?
joepino - Clay bar only removes contanminents on your paint. Putting multiple layers of sealent and wax on a new finish gives it a more wet and deep look.
I see what you mean regarding the clay bar.

I heard Meguirs has a new wax out called tech wax. I have a friend who used it on his Mondial t and it came out very nice.
joepino - You're probably talking about Meguir's NXT tech wax. It's a good wax. Liquid though. Nothing wrong with liquid but I find paste wax to give a more brilliant shine. Simple rule of thumb though, the better the shine the shorter it last. But anything is better than nothing.
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