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Selezione CPO vs. no CPO on an EVO RWD

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Looking at a few EVO options and I'm wondering why some 2020 models at my dealer have a Selezione CPO while others do not. A 2020 model would still be under factory warranty, so what is the benefit of the additional CPO, does it add another year or does it just show a current inspection listing the car as pristine? A bit confused as to paying a premium for Selezione vs a non CPO car that is still under factory warranty.

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CPO gives you extra warranty passed 3 years.
CPO gives you extra warranty passed 3 years.
So let's say the warranty has 2 years left, a 12 months CPO adds a third year, vs a non CPO car which is just the balance of the remaining factory warranty?
Correct. Some CPO cars have 2 extra years. Just depends on the dealer and what they chose.
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