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I am going to be replacing some body panels (Carbon Fiber) on my 2005 Gallardo and will be getting some of the items color matched. I have painted a half dozen cars/bikes myself over the years and understand how hard it can be to match a pearl color. Especially one that is 11 Years old. Does anyone have any experience with the Dark Pearl Red of "Rossa Metis"? Is is not too bad? Is is a nightmare?

  • I see it says use PPG products? Is this still the case?
  • Anyone know the original color of primer that lambo used? (I have found that affects the "shade" of the overall color.)
  • What kind of flex agent on the front bumper for PPG products?

Am I just overthinking this? Should I just give them the Paint code and hope? I am taking it to a good trusted shop... I just want to make it as easy as possible and only do it once.

Thanks for any advice or experience.

Color code:
2005 Gallardo

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