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Second Key

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Hey Guys,
I need a second key for my 2010 lp560, is it true I can copy my key onto a VW key? Is the dealer the only option I have to get this done?

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For my pre-LP08 I needed to order a new key from the factory. It’s integrated with the fob and needed to be programmed. However, I would love to hear someone confirm if a working key could be cut off of a VW blank.

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I needed a second key, any locksmith can replicate the blade. But it wont start the car without the transponder. Dealer is only option im told, they will order a new key through the VIN. Luckily its not that expensive.

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I ordered a brand new key and fob. Been sitting on my desk for a few months now. Dealer program needed. I've got one about an hour and half away but been doing other things hopefully in the next few weeks ill get there.
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