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Seattle Dealership?

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Hey guys,

I have had my name on a list to get the Gallardo for several years now and my name came up about 6 months ago. I would have pulled the trigger at once but as far as I know, there is no way to get the car serviced in Seattle. There used to be a dealership here but it folded.

Does anyone know of Lamborghini is going to open up a dealership here anytime soon? I heard rumors but I can't find a phone number for Lamborghini USA to ask the question.

I currently have a 2004 360 Spider F1 and love the car but would love the Gallardo even more ;-)
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if this helps any

I read on here about another owner that recieved written permission to have the car taken to Vancouver Canada to have it serviced.
I live in SEATTLE and have all my cars serviced by Wiesback in Vancover B.C. an authorized lamborghini dealer, its a great little drive to and back, or drive up take AMtrack back, Lambo of North America HAS authorized this.

I can also from a very reliable source, say there WILL be a Lambo dealership in Seattle-Bellevue by March/April 05. If you need anything else E-mail or call me 206-396-5059 RoyToy2003 Seattle.
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