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Hey there Lamborghini owners and Enthusiasts, I am going around spreading the word of our local Salt Lake chapter of Cars & Coffee.

The old Beans & Brews location was shut down so we took over ownership of the even, with a new Facebook page and we even made a full website dedicated to our event.

It's the same time as the old event, 9am to 11:30am EVERY Saturday rain or shine. We are now hosting it at Sunset Coffee in Sandy Utah, 7978 S 1300 E, parking on the double level parking lot just right south of the lot, if the top lot is full there is plenty of parking that is very low friendly on the lower level, we have full permission from the Property Managers this time so we know it won't be going anywhere unless something very serious happened.

Our website is Home | Cars and Coffee SLC and our facebook is

Please if you have any questions send us a message on Facebook or you can email us at [email protected] Facebook will give you the fastest response.

I am posting this on the Forums because I know the real Enthusiasts are on the Forums and not on Facebook, we want to see more exotics and all different styles of cars at our event, so if you have a friend or family member with any type of car, from Honda all the way up to a Rolls Royce let them know about our event and spread the word!

Thanks for reading.
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